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My new Vaastu Numerology website

Posted by vaastuvijay on August 23, 2008


I thanks all my readers for allowing me share my thoughts with you all.

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Nakshatra, Plant and Vaastu

Posted by vaastuvijay on May 26, 2007

Vijay Jain (Vaastu Numerology Consultant)Our sky is the forest of stars and we know it well and find it correct when we see the sky in the night. Our ancient learned Indian teachers in imagination divided the sky in 27 parts. Every part of the sky had made an imaginary shape. According to the shape, every part of the sky was given a name, which was known as nakshatra and surprisingly each nakshatra acts and behave as per the shape.
Every human being on this earth has born under the influence of one nakshatra out of 27. Every nakshatra has its own vibration and the person born under the influence of that nakshatra, has the similar vibration called birth vibration. Our ancient teachers further say that plants also have life and influenced with the vibrations of nakshatras.
When the vibrations of the human being and nakshatra are the same, it is then said that these both are of the same Vansh. If a person helps to grow and develop the plant of his or her Vansh it helps like growing and developing his or her own life. That Plant can be known as prayer plant.
In similar way every human being has one remedial plant which helps to protect the health and other ways of life.
There are nine planets known in the Indian astrological schools.
Each planet rules three nakshatras in series of 1,2,3,……9.for example 1st.Nakshatra Ashwini,10th Nakshatra Magha and 19th Nakshatra Mula of which numerological total up to single digit counts to l, these nakshatras are ruled by planet Ketu.
From horoscope, birth nakshatra can be found out.

In Vaastu Shastra, the science of Indian architecture, the nakshatra of the place and its alignment with the owner is also important. We can find out nakshatra of the place also. Just take the length and breadth of the carpet area of the place in centimeter. Multiply the LxB and then divide the same by 27.The balance will be either 0 or below 27. For example if the area is 2500sq. cm, divide it by 27 the balance will be 16 and the 16th nakshatra of No.7series is Vishakha. This way the nakshatra of the place is Vishakha. The prayer plant of Vishakha nakshatra is Vikankat also known as Flacourtia Ramontchi and the remedial plant is Ghaghunchi also known as Abrus Precatorious to be used only the root of the plant. We can say that the knowledge of our nakshatra, place nakshatra and their alignment can help to protect and enjoy the life

Vijay Jain


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Nakshatra & Plants

Posted by vaastuvijay on December 31, 2006

Vijay Jain (Vaastu Numerology Consultant)

Do you all know like we have gemstones for every planet, similarly there are plants associated with nakshatras. I am compiling a ebok on how we can be benefitted from Your Nakshatra Plant with a complete list of nakshatras & associated plants. Also I will give you the address of one Nakshatra Garden in Mumbai, India. Those who wants to buy this ebook, do mail me on vaastuvijay at gmail dot com

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